Governing Board

The Governing Board – In front from left to right: Secretary – Lioba Gasser, Head of Delegations – Sabrina Brooker, President – Bram Vandermeulen, Head of Events – Esther Klaps, Secretary General – Nicole Pop.

In the back from left to right: Head of Development – Ole Spillner, Head of Marketing & Communication – Thomas Devine, Head of Journal – Jakub Biernacki, Treasurer – Flavia Grosshennrich.



President –Bram Vandermeulen
The President is the face of the United Nations Student Association. The president sets out UNSA’s vision and goals for the academic year, and is ultimately responsible for its decisions. At all times, he has a clear overview of UNSA’s activities and strategies. Furthermore during EuroMUN, the President is also the host of the conference, meaning that he is, together with the Secretary General, responsible for the success of the conference. In conclusion, the President is the final decision maker and ensures that the Board works effectively.




Secretary – Lioba Gasser
The Secretary is responsible for the entire administration of UNSA. She makes sure that the board functions effectively by streamlining the internal communication and the organisation of events. She takes minutes at board meetings and ensures that everyone fulfils his or her tasks. Furthermore, the Secretary supports the President in his daily activities.





FlaviaTreasurer – Flavia Grosshennrich
The Treasurer is in charge of the allocation of the UNSA fund and therefore works in close cooperation with all the committees. She oversees the Finance Committee, which is in charge of fundraising for UNSA. Furthermore, he ensures that UNSA maintains a healthy balance sheet and that all undertakings by UNSA are financially feasible.






EuroMUN Secretary General – Nicole Pop
The Head of the EuroMUN Committee is responsible for coordinating the planning, staging and execution of the European Model United Nations (EuroMUN), as this has become a focal point in the academic calendar in Maastricht since 2008. In 2015 over 500 students participated in EuroMUN, making it one of the biggest MUN conference in Europe. In order to realise this project the Secretary General works with a team collectively called the Steering Committee.  If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Nicole.




Marketing and Communications – Thomas Devine
The Head of the Marketing & Communications Committee is in charge of communicating UNSA’s goals, values and core principals through a coherent and effective marketing strategy. They achieve branding and name recognition of UNSA and its various aspects by constructing recognisable and consistent logos, posters, flyers and e-advertisement. Furthermore, they are responsible for keeping the public informed about UNSA’s activities via all types of (social) media. The Committee is always looking for creative people that bring together expertise from a wide range of areas in order to ensure that any new material is innovative and effective. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Thomas.


Development – Ole Spillner
The UNSA Development Committee was founded in order to address the humanitarian and developmental aspect of the United Nations’ activities. It establishes contacts to local NGOs in developing countries to support them by organizing fundraising activities and by sending students abroad during the summer break in order to conduct volunteer work. The Head of the Development Committee ensures smooth cooperation between the two sub-committees (The Volunteering Network Team and the Fundraising Team). If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Ole.



Events – Esther Klaps
The Events Committee organises UNSA’s social events, such as the Charity Ball, the annual UNSA Birthday Party or the weekly drinks. Furthermore the Events Committee also organises academic events such as lectures, panel debates, excursions, the new debating club Rhetorica or film series. The Head of the Events Committee is responsible for distributing tasks and to ensure that the different projects are successfully concluded. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Esther.



Delegations – Sabrina Brooker
The Delegations committee sends delegations to various MUN (Model United Nations) conferences all over the world. Therefore, in September, a new group of extremely motivated students will be assembled, called Permanent Delegation (PD). This group will meet weekly and benefit from specialised training. However, whenever UNSA delegations attend Model United Nations every student can apply and join. Join UNSA Maastricht, attend MUNs all over the world and get in contact with many international students! If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Sabrina.




Journal – Jakub Biernacki
The Head of the Journal Committee is the editor in chief of “The Diplomat”. “The Diplomat” is a journal focused on international affairs, political, social and cultural issues. It also holds in-depth interviews, reports on MUNs and generally provides a platform for information about UNSA. To fulfil its role as an information platform, the Journal Committee is closely linked to other UNSA Committees such as Events, Delegations or Development. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Jakub.






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