The UNSA Advisory Board has long existed in practice but has only been codified in 2011 in order to clearly define its mission and to ensure its existence in the future. Under the new mandate, the Advisory Board consists of three UNSA Alumni that wish to remain active within the association. The knowledge and experience possessed by the individual members of the Advisory Board is invaluable for the organization to keep growing and evolving.

As an advisory body, this Board does not hold any voting power. It simply provides advice and counsel to those within UNSA that ask for it. Besides this, the Advisory Board is the main coordinator for the UNSA Alumni Network, as many members of different backgrounds have been active within the Association and together hold a unique network that should be maintained and improved wherever possible. As these activities are the Boards’ primary capacity, it remains active within the organization on a permanent basis as consultants. Secondary to this but no less important, the Advisory Board will work on designing long term strategy suggestions that will be presented to the Governing Board to help them shape the future of UNSA.

Advisory Board 2021/2022

President: Amy Ingenhoest
Vice President: Michael William Keith

Advice Team:
Martyna Bobala
Stephanie Burdin
Bartosz Roman
Maximilian Schwaiger

Alumni Team: 
Céleste Cockmartin
Ethan Bergman
Alexandra Lopez Simpson

Advisory Board 2011/2012
President: Robert Steding
Vice President Advisory Board: Hannes Ehnert
Vice President Alumni Network: Svenja Quitsch

Advisory Board 2012/2013
Svenja Quitsch, Jannika Bockmeyer, Raoul Bessems

Advisory Board 2013/2014
Chairman: Tim Hausweiler
Alumni-Network Coordinator: Sophie Walter
EuroMUN Advisor: Diego Salama
Legal Advisor: Raoul Bessems

Advisory Board 2014/2015
Ada-Sophie Hieronimus
Bart Kleine Peters
Diego Salama
Florian de Roo van Alderwerelt
Nora Lambrecht

Advisory Board 2015/2016
Jonas Nitschke
Aletta Bühler
Constanze Grees – Alumni Network Coordinator
Florian de Roo van Alderwerelt – Legal Advisory

Advisory Board 2016/2017
Victoria Christmann
Katrin Retterath
Constanze Grees – Alumni Network Coordinator
Anastasia Botsi – Legal Advisory

Advisory Board 2017/2018
Sabrina Brooker
Nicole Pop
Florian Fermin – Alumni Network Coordinator
Lioba Gasser – Legal Advisory