The United Nations Student Association (UNSA) is a student organization run by students, for students.

The mission statement of UNSA Maastricht reads: “to distribute information on the structure and workings of the United Nations and its subsidiary organs as well as education and mutual understanding amongst the people by conveying the fundamentals of international relations, insights into the workings of international organizations as well as knowledge about the countries of the world and international affairs to its members and other interested persons”.

Since its foundation in 2006, UNSA has become one of Maastricht’s most important platforms for internationally orientated students to exchange on ideas and perspectives in order to make a change. Its different committees provide a forum for active members to gain insights into international politics and to take responsibility while also staying in touch with social life in Maastricht.


1. Bringing the UN to Maastricht – Every year, UNSA is proud to host several socio-academic events among which, lecture series and workshops are to be found just as well as debates on most diverse topics. The focus of these events vary from offering direct insights into international politics through its own magazine the “Maastricht Diplomat” for example, to offering its members contacts at and information about job opportunities at different international institutions.
2. International Networking – One of UNSA’s most important dimensions is represented by a set of the most diverse social events, which take place in Maastricht throughout the entire academic year. From elegant galas in Maastricht’s finest venues, to neon-parties and city-trips – UNSA offers everything you need to build of a strong, international network of friends from all over the world.
3. Model United Nations all around the world – Throughout the last years, UNSA has evolved to being one of the most renowned debating societies of the Netherlands. Providing its members with an extensive training-program, UNSA’s delegations were awarded numerous decorations for their performances. This year again, UNSA is planning on actively discovering the world of diplomacy by sending delegations to more than 10 MUNs in Switzerland, Italy, Scotland, Israel and many other countries. 

4. Development Aid Work – In close cooperation with numerous international NGOs in developing countries, UNSA already successfully prepared and delegated more than 150 volunteers to development-projects across the world. Benefiting from the experience of several generations of UNSA-volunteers, our participants undergo an extensive training-program before spending their summer holidays working for one of these NGOs in India, Nepal and Madagascar for example.
5. EuroMUN – Every year, as an outstanding tradition, UNSA welcomes more than 300 internationally oriented students in the frame of its own MUN-conference. In 2021, UNSA will be hosting the 13th edition of what has evolved to be one of the most European MUN-conferences, featuring an extensive pre- and social-program and heated debates on different issues of international politics.