In the year 2006, students from Maastricht University (UM) decided to found the United Nations Student Association Maastricht (UNSA). In the university library they created a draft of what would later become the organizational structure of an inter-facular student association, which aims to engage students in international relations in an interactive way.

It took two years of dedicated work for the first local Model United Nations conference to be organized, known as EuroMUN. Originally a rather small conference with 150 delegates attending. Since then the conference has grown rapidly, expanding to become Europe’s second largest Model United Nations conference in 2010, with 550 participants.

Having now been in existence for over 13 years UNSA has been able to establish itself as one of the most prominent international student associations in Maastricht. Through constant member growth and an increased interest in UNSA as well as through new partnerships with other student associations and the university, UNSA has been able to set new milestones every year.

This is not only evident by the impressive growth of EuroMUN. Our Events Committee for example has joined hands with other associations to form the first of its kind inter-facular debating club “Rhetorica” for students in Maastricht. Furthermore UNSA now hosts an annual gala, which is one of the social highlights of the year. However not only the Events Committee has seen rapid growth and improvement throughout the years, but also the Delegations, Development, Journal and Marketing & Communications Committees have developed into cornerstones of UNSA.

UNSA is now able to send well prepared delegations to Model United Nations Conferences around the world, including members of the Permanent Delegation. The Permanent Delegation was set up in 2010 as an initiative by the Delegations Committee in order to allow students to become expert delegates in MUNs through extensive training.

Through the Development Committee UNSA has been able to establish a large network of NGOs to which it sends students since the summer of 2010. The Development Committee has also been able to raise significant sums as donations for charities all over the world.

Since 2009 UNSA proudly publishes its own student run journal “The Diplomat” providing a platform for members passionate about writing. In 2012 “The Diplomat” was complemented with the establishment of a successful blog.

Thanks to the increasing base of dedicated members and with the success of the present. UNSA has become ever more successful in fulfilling its goals throughout the years and is looking forward to an even brighter future.