General Membership:

Being a general member of UNSA has several benefits. General Membership allows you to choose how you get involved throughout the year, and you get some pretty great discounts around town. The perks of membership include:

  • First to hear about any & all UNSA activities or opportunities
  • Be able to apply for any committee for an Active Membership position
  • Guest writing for the Maastricht Diplomat (blog & print editions)
  • Volunteering globally at NGOs with the Development committee
  • Participating with our External Delegations, including training with the Permanent Delegations committee
  • Get involved with our events, that are always free or discounted for our members
  • Access to our discounts



Being a member of UNSA means getting some awesome discounts around Maastricht. All you have to do is sign up to be a member, and show the membership sticker to the staff!

Our partners are always growing, so be sure to check back to see what the latest discounts are!

Soup Bros.

At Soup Bros. you can enjoy healthy soup-to-go.
The soups are made of 100% biological products
which they grow in their own garden.

Each cup contains 300g of vegetables
and the cup itself is made of 100%
compostable materials.

With UNSA you can now enjoy
a 15% discount!


A perfect place for delicious,
culinary grilled sandwiches
and a cup of coffee!

With UNSA you can enjoy a discount
of 10% on anything!

VCV is a platform that gathers, automates,
and accelerates the 4 main steps in hiring for HR-managers:
job posting, testing, assessing, and meeting
via pre-recorded video CVs. offers a forever-free online video CV recording tool
for candidates. All you need is to open the browser,
record answers to basic interview questions,
and send out the link with your video CV, printed CV,
and a cover letter to any company you want.

Additionally, VCV is now offering a special
internship for UNSA members
- more information available after clicking on the logo!


What is a better chance for improving your
career prospects than learning
a new language?

Now you have a chance to pick up a new language
or improve your skills thanks to
the UNSA and Bilingual cooperation!

Being a UNSA members entitles you to a
10% discount
on any course at Belingual!

Que Pasa

A wonderful Tapas bar, where you can enjoy
delicious food and great drinks!
With UNSA you can enjoy:

15% discount on everything

+ a special offer of a special tapas & sangria
for 5€

Supplied by Lily

It is a lifestyle & student stationery brand, that offers
stationery tailored to your unique needs.
The brand features various planners, folders,
notebooks & much more.

Do you ever feel like you lack motivation, organization or empowerment?
Supplied by Lily is there to help with that. It assist
you in turning your wildest dreams into reality, and
make you look stunning while doing it.

Our Members will receive a free item with each 

purchase of Supplied by Lily products. 
UNSA Members will be given a gift code via 
the UNSA’'s newsletter.

De Pindakaaswinkel

Who doesn't love a creamy, all-natural jar
of peanut butter? For every 6 peanut butter
jars purchased at De Pindakaaswinkel,
our Members will receive a free full-sized
peanut butter jar!

Pick up your stamp card at De Pindakaaswinkel
in Maastricht and start collecting your way to a jar
of wholesome creamy goodness!

Canon Printing

Canon offers a continuous discount for all UNSA members at 5% on their services.

This discount will be given when you can identify with your student ID card that has the UNSA sticker on it.