1. Which possibilities are there to become active?
Have a look at our committee sections and contact us

2. What is the connection between EuroMUN and UNSA?
EuroMUN is a sub-committee founded by the United Nations Student Association. With the mission of educating young students on international frameworks of multilateral organizations, EuroMUN strives to maintain itself as the largest simulation of various international organizations available to university students from every continent. The main objective for our conference is to provide students with the opportunity to interact with young professionals such as themselves and discuss pressing issues in various committees that they might be interested in. For more information on EuroMUN please Like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter  and visit www.euromun.org

3. How can I contact you?
You are able to send us an email using our contact form.

4. What shall I do if I want to join UNSA Delegations at Model United Nation Conferences?
You can join UNSA for Model United Nations several ways: by being an active member of the Delegations Committee (either Permanent Delegation or Delegation Committee), or by simply being a member of any other UNSA Committee, or by being a passive member. Essentially, all you need to be is a UNSA Member. You will get through our newsletter an overview of the upcoming Model UN that UNSA will be going, and you can contact delegations@unsamaastricht.org for more information!

5. Can I participate in MUNs if I have never done so before?
Of course, there is a first time for everything!

6. What is the Permanent Delegation and how does the selection work?
The Permanent Delegation consists of a group of 15 – 20 selected students that will represent UNSA internationally and who will develop various skills during this academic year. These skills will be develop through a series of workshops and trainings that will familiarize members with the MUN atmosphere and the world of negotiation, international affairs, international law, and of course, members will get a taste of how the United Nations works as an international organization. The selection process happens during the beginning of the academic year, where interested students send a copy of their CV and a letter of motivation to our Head Delegations, who will conduct the selection process. It is not necessary to have previous MUN experience in order to join the PD, however, it is an advantage to be familiar with the concept.

7. How can I become a Volunteer?
You can become a volunteer by gathering information about our NGOs and see which one fits you best. After that you can apply for your chosen NGO and follow the selection procedure. The application period is in the first semester. During this period, there is usually an information evening about those NGOs where you can also ask your questions and get more detailed information about the application procedure.

8. I have an NGO or project that I have been to or that I know personally and would like to introduce it to you. Is this possible?
The Development Committee always welcomes new ideas and projects. If you have an NGO that you would like to share with us, you can always contact the Development Committee head development@unsamaastricht.org.

9. How much is the membership fee and how can I pay it?
The UNSA membership fee is 20€ per academic year. You can pay cash during our Office Hours or transfer the money to our account. However, you always have to pick up your membership sticker for your student card during our office hours.

Account details
Name: UNSA Maastricht
IBAN: NL39INGB0006188015

10. At which points in time can I join UNSA? Can I still join today?
You can join UNSA at any point in time during the academic year. However, the main recruiting time for our active members is at the beginning of the academic year in September. Still, if you are interested in being an active member some time later, do not hesitate and send a mail to secretary@myunsa.org.
In general, please pass by our office hours, where you will have to pick up your membership sticker. You can pay the membership fee of 20€ either in cash during the office hours or transfer it to our account.

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