Governing Board

The Governing Board – In front from left to right:
In the front: Head of Events – Sabina Sancu, President – Alice Nesselrode, Head of Marketing & Communication – Anne-Sofie Nissen.

In the middle: Secretary – Marlotte Dominicus, Secretary General – Debe Debernadi,  Head of Development – Alexia Philippart de Foy,  Head of External Affairs  – Daniel Schemmert.

In the back: Head of Journal – Giovanni Stanga, Head of Delegations – Helena Depaepe.



Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.14.13President – Alice Nesselrode

As president of UNSA, Alice’s task mainly consist of the coordination of the (extended) board and the general steering of the association. She is leading the weekly board meetings and is the final decision maker (although of course only in extreme situations, as the board is deciding usually on consensus), which is why she needs to have an overview of what is going on in all the committees and the financial situation at all times. During EuroMUN, she is the host of the conference and therefore together with the Secretary General responsible for its success. Together with the Secretary and the Treasurer, she forms the Executive Board. Contact Alice at




Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 15.49.27Secretary  – Marlotte Dominicus

The Secretary is responsible for the entire administration of UNSA- the direct contact with the university and other associations, the booking of rooms, taking minutes during the board meetings and the newsletter of UNSA. As vice-president of UNSA, Marlotte supports the president and advises her in difficult situations. She is also the one who will answer to all emails of (prospective) members and takes care of streamlining the international communications and the organisation of events. Contact Marlotte at






Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 15.51.50Treasurer – Daniel Schemmert

Daniel’s job as treasurer is the budgeting of UNSA: As the money-man, he is in charge of all financial statements, transactions and payments of invoices, and is therefore working together closely with all committees of UNSA. In short, he ensures that UNSA maintains a healthy balance sheet and that all undertakings by UNSA are financially feasible. As of January 2017, Daniel is also Head of the External Affairs committee, which is searching sponsors of UNSA and applying for sponsorship opportunities. Contact Daniel at





Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 15.53.27EuroMUN Secretary General – Virginia Debenardi

As Secretary General of the European Model United Nations conference 2018 (EuroMUN), Debe’s job is the of the Conference Manager. Together with her Secretariat, consisting of 6 Under-Secretary-Generals (USG’s), she meets up once a week to decide about the course of the conference management. Similar to the president but on the EuroMUN-scale, she is the final decision-maker and responsible for the coordination of the different committees and needs to have an overview of what is going on at all times. In 2015 over 500 students participated in EuroMUN, making it one of the biggest MUN conference in Europe. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Debe.



Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.20.26

Marketing and Communications –  Anne-Sofie Nissen
The Head of the Marketing & Communications Committee is in charge of communicating UNSA’s goals, values and core principals through a coherent and effective marketing strategy. She achieves branding and name recognition of UNSA and its various aspects by constructing recognisable and consistent logos, posters, flyers and e-advertisement. Furthermore, She is responsible for keeping the public informed about UNSA’s activities via all types of (social) media. The Committee is always looking for creative people that bring together expertise from a wide range of areas in order to ensure that any new material is innovative and effective. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Anne-Sofie.



Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 16.05.01

Head of Development – Alexia Philippart de Foy

The UNSA Development Committee was founded in order to address the humanitarian and developmental aspect of the United Nations’ activities. It establishes contacts to local NGOs in developing countries to support them by organizing fundraising activities and by sending students abroad during the summer break in order to conduct volunteer work. The Head of the Development Committee ensures smooth cooperation between the two sub-committees (The Volunteering Network Team and the Fundraising and local Volunteering Team). If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Alexia.





Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.49.26Events – Sabina Sancu

Sabina chairs the weekly meetings of the events committee, in which the committee comes up with ideas for academic events such as lectures and debates, workshops, movie screenings or networking events. She has the final decisive power over what is finally being organized, but also communicates this with the board and makes sure that there is no clash with other events or dates. The biggest academic event organized by the committee is the Career Beyond Borders week (CBB), in which UNSA invites speakers from all sort of organisations and institutions (such as the European commission, NATO, Greenpeace…).

On the other hand, Sabina and her team also organize social events: Walking Dinners, Social get-togethers and drinks (such as the UNSA birthday party), and finally also the annual Charity Ball. The Head of the Events Committee is responsible for distributing tasks and to ensure that the different projects are successfully concluded. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Sabina.




Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.43.14

Delegations – Helena Depaepe

The position of head of Delegations can be separated into two parts: on one side, Helena is rhetorically training delegates from the Permanent Delegation (PD) in weekly meetings through workshops, guest speakers and mock simulations. But in addition, she is also responsible for sending general delegations of UNSA to other conferences- this job entails finding suitable other MUN conferences, establishing a cooperation with them and organizing the logistics of sending the delegation (preparation, accommodation, transport). In this, she is supported by her two Co-heads, which she also coordinates. Join UNSA Maastricht, attend MUNs all over the world and get in contact with many international students! If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Helena.




Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.33.08Journal – Giovanni Stanga
The Head of the Journal Committee is the editor in chief of “The Diplomat”. “The Diplomat” is a journal focused on international affairs, political, social and cultural issues. It also holds in-depth interviews, reports on MUNs and generally provides a platform for information about UNSA. “The Diplomat” comes out in two different ways: the blog and the printed edition three times a year. In the past, there have also been writing workshops organized by the Journal committee for the rest of UNSA. During EuroMUN, he furthermore holds the position as head of the press team. If you would like some more information or want to be part of the Committee, contact Giovanni.






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