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Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 13.33.08As a Head of the Journal Committee, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the website page of the Committee that is also the Editorial Board of The Diplomat – the one and only journal of UNSA.

The Journal Committee is, as one may deduce from the name, a voice of the organisation. Our group acts not only as a body of highly motivated journalists but also as the official mouth of the student association. We are a diverse group of around 20 editors from various faculties. We represent different nations and fields of studies but we all strive for the same goals – improving our writing style and issuing as interesting and comprehensive newspaper as we can. Together and throughout a year, we learn about all different styles of writing on weekly committee sessions and workshops.

Our magazine and blog, as the voice of United Nations Student Association, are focused on the actual global affairs. The articles cover worldwide and local issues. In recent year, we have been commenting on topics such as global politics and cultural exchange, but also fashion, football or secret places in Maastricht. Check out our blog and grab an issue of our printed edition to get an impression of our Committee.

Who doesn’t enjoy reading a good article or a book? But for me, it has always been writing one that would bring a real satisfaction. Therefore,  at every stage of my education, I have always been a part of either an editorial board of a student magazine or a blogger. Being a part of the Journal Committee does not only mean being challenged to improve your writing. It means sharing all your thoughts and little achievements with a great and talented group of people. It means sharing a lifestyle of a journalist with your Committee and enjoying everything that UNSA has to offer.

Do you have any questions about our Committee? Contact me via You can also visit our blog and follow the magazine on Facebook. Hope to see you soon!

Giovanni Stanga
Head of Journal



Journal Committee

The Journal Committee is your chance to get journalistic experience in a unique environment. We produce a printed issue of The Diplomat two to three times a year. This magazine covers everything from global issues and the UN over talking points of Maastricht to problems students face, lifestyle columns, world experiences, reviews and many more different types of articles. We need a strong team of writers, photographers, designers, editors, interviewers and advertisers to achieve the goal of producing the highest quality, professional Diplomat that we can. New members are always welcome, bringing fresh talent and ideas to the team.

Alongside this, there is a blog, Facebook page and various other types of social media to make the journal current and more easily updated. It is important to make use of all the latest technology.

The Journal Committee also reports yearly at EuroMUN (Model United Nations) which is held in Maastricht’s MECC arena – we get our own office and act as journalists would at a real UN conference by attending and reporting on the different committee sessions, publishing two printed editions within the five days of the conference and working on a blog established for the EuroMUN.

There are opportunities to learn something new all the time from each other, workshops and other activities we take part in. It is a creative working atmosphere. Innovation and inventiveness make each Diplomat what it is: a journal to be proud of! As it is one of UNSA’s smaller committees, members are able to have a strong input and all leave their mark in some way by the end of the year. Seeing your name in print will make all the hard work that bit more rewarding.

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