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Maventy Health Internationalmaventy

Maventy is a mobile medical program based in existing clinics geared toward measuring, identifying, and treating malnutrition in young children, while also offering basic primary care, screenings, and immunisations.
Volunteers most frequently assist in child malnutrition assessment, in child immunisations at the clinic, data collection, data entry for a malnutrition database. Also assist women’s health checks, prenatal visits, during deliveries, general clinic work, patient assessment and treatments, in infrastructure improvements, IT, building renovations, and in general youth and/or adults education.
For clinical work some medical knowledge is required.


Project Aid the Gambia

Project Aid the Gambia started off with a health centre in Jahaly and gradually expanded by founding social and gardening projects in the area. The NGO’s mission is to help people help themselves by concentrating on the essentials: health, education and nutrition.
Volunteers can either work at the Kindergarten or at the Health Centre. In the kindergarten, the volunteers assist teachers in preparing children for primary school. The Health Centre offers various areas, for example consultancy or laboratory. The volunteers are accommodated in a guest house and can eat with the staff (free).
Medical knowledge is required for the Health Centre.



The Kavya School in Kathmandu kavya

The Kavya School is a direct NGO located in Kathmandu. It is a day and boarding school for children up until the 10th grade. It offers children from different socio-political, economical and cultural backgrounds the possibility to develop academic as well as personal skills. A main vision is to support children in becoming responsible, self-respecting personalities and ‘global thinkers’. 
As a volunteer, you will be working at the campus of the Kavya School and teaching children until the 10th grade, depending on your expertise and/or field of studies. No specific skills are required; however, students are expected to be motivated, responsible and willing to teach.

Peace Child Home / Holy Angel School

As a volunteer, you will be working in the orphanage and at the school. In the morning and afternoon, you will be in the orphanage to help children with homework or other daily activities. Dependent of your skills, you will help at the English school with teaching in the classroom or children individually. A Nepali family will provide you a private room and meals twice a day. Saturday and Sunday are days off, but you can always arrange extra activities with the children. Binod will be your contact person and is very willing to guide the volunteers.


Saceda Youth Lead

Today, some of our students are distracted by the gadgets of post modernity, some are just thinking about the money to move life around while others are eaten up laxities which can affect the family, community and nation. To prepare students to address these challenges. Saceda Youth Lead, a recognized NGO on youth empowerment and development, would like to offer a volunteering opportunity. When you are here at SYL, you can teach at the school, empower kids from all over the Philippines and the ASEAN through the Training Department, be part of the SYL Center as it provides venues for training for groups of people and institutions.


Center for Sustainable Development Studies

Centre for Sustainable Development Studies (CSDS) is an umbrella NGO which collaborates with several NGO’s and projects in and around Hanoi. These NGO’s and projects focus on human development issue in Vietnam, such as women/youth empowerment, environmental consciousness and education. The Volunteer will be working for CSDS, either for the NGO itself or one of the many partner projects around Hanoi. Therefore, the volunteer has the freedom and flexibility to choose a project which suits him/her best. During working hours and leisure time, the volunteer have the opportunity to interact with locals from all over Hanoi and experience the true, unfiltered culture while making a difference in people’s lives.

Central America


The Belize Zoo

Interns at the Belize Zoo will have the opportunity to participate in animal care along with employed Zoo Keepers. As such, they will interact with the animals on a personal basis. Interns will also have the opportunity to assist in educational programs that the Zoo facilitates in the neighbouring communities, including outreach programs to local primary and secondary schools.
Volunteers are expected to be open to a range of tasks. They will be assigned to activities ranging from animal care to educational activities to office administration.


South America


Tierra Viva Foundationtierreriva

Tierra Viva Foundation runs a mobile library service with the aim to spread the joy  of reading to communities that have little or no access to books. The bus visits schools in towns and rural communities throughout Ecuador.

The Book Bus aims to improve the reading and literacy skills of 500 primary school children in the project area by providing free and regular access to enjoyable and challenging books. Volunteers receive a formal project induction on arrival and work under the supervision of the project coordinator.
• Volunteers will work with children and help them to improve their reading and writing skills.
• Mentoring children to read at schools in the local communities
• Running after-school reading clubs for children to attend in their free time
• Helping run our Holiday Clubs for children during school holiday
• Helping local volunteers to work with the Book Bus.


Intiwawaintiwawa Peru

IntiWawa (Children of the Sun in Quechua) is a dynamic and young organization that fights poverty in the slums of Arequipa, the second largest city in Peru. The main focus lies on a small village on the outskirts called San Isidro where volunteers work throughout the week. The main tasks include help with homework, English and computer lessons for the children, whilst younger children are being supervised in the kindergarten. After class, volunteers tend to engage in recreational activities to get to know the children. Spanish Level B1 will be a requirement.



ALDA: ‘European Association for Local Democracy’logo AADL ita CMYK

ALDA: ‘European Association for Local Democracy’ is a non-governmental organisation founded in 1999 under the auspice of the Council of Europe’s Congress of Local and Regional authorities whose objectives are the promotion of good governance and citizen participation at the local level.

For a couple of years now UNSA and ALDA have been cooperating to offer volunteering during the summer. This means to be part of a multilateral decentralized cooperation in which an emphasis is set on strong partnerships between local Authorities and non-governmental organizations.

Volunteers will work in various themes, such as European integration, decentralization, civic initiatives and volunteering, human rights and sustainable economic development. Along these themes, a set of forms of action, such as coordinating and supporting stakeholders’ initiatives, and conducting ALDA’s projects is the structure to promoting good governance and citizen participation. Click here for more information.


Petits Frères des Pauvres (PFDP)PFDP

In this amazing project, you are going to be in France – most likely Paris – in order to volunteer for for ‘Petits Frères des Pauvres’. It is an NGO which helps and supports the poor and the elderly people. It is for the persons, who are alone and don’t have anyone. You are working approx. 3-7 hours a day (5 days a week) – consequently, there is a lot of time for discovering Paris as well.
–  House/ Hospital Visits of the elderly persons
–  Spending time with them and helping them with 
 daily life problems -> giving them a good time
–  Listen to them and being a trust person
–  Planning and participating in excursions with a 
 group of elderly people and other volunteers
–  Participating in workshops and group meetings.
Costs are minimal, since transport cost, accommodation and lot of food costs are covered by the NGO



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