UNSA has 7 different committees, all devoted to unique aspects of the association. We provide ways for everyone to get involved, whether you want to engage in your interests or discover new ones! UNSA is Maastricht’s largest student association with a truly international focus. Featuring more than 200 members last year, UNSA engaged in all different fields of social life with great success:

  • UNSA’s Delegations Committee is one of the most successful debating societies in the Netherlands, and attends Model United Nations conferences all around the globe.
  • UNSA’s Development Committee devotes itself to raising awareness, fundraising and volunteering, both within the local community and also internationally with partner NGOs.
  • UNSA’s EuroMUN Committee is the host to Maastricht’s largest student conference and Continental Europe’s largest Model United Nations with more than 550 international students attending the EuroMUN spectacle every year.
  • UNSA’s Events Committee organizes Maastricht’s most successful lecture series and workshops on current topics of international politics and affairs and is host to numerous unforgettable social events.
  • UNSA’s External Affairs Committee is responsible for the negotiation and acquisition of financial partnerships.
  • UNSA’s Journal Committee is the most internationally orientated student-journal in the city –  the Maastricht Diplomat puts into words what Maastricht’s student body thinks of the world’s affairs.
  • UNSA’s Marketing and Communications Committee works to successfully promote the association and all of its activities in and around Maastricht.