Which possibilities do I have? UNSA’s different committees!

UNSA is Maastricht’s largest student association with a truly international focus. Featuring more than 200 members last year, UNSA engaged in all different fields of social life with greatest success:

  • UNSA’s Delegations Committee helped UNSA in turning into one of the most successful debating societies in the Netherlands, attending 10 MUN-conferences in all different countries across the world only this year.
  • UNSA’s Development Committee prepared and sent abroad more than 120 volunteers to development aid projects in x countries across the world.
  • UNSA’s EuroMUN Committee is host to Maastricht’s largest student conference and Continental Europe’s largest Model United Nations with more than 550 international students attending this spectacle every year.
  • UNSA’s Events Committee organized Maastricht’s most successful lecture series and workshops on current topics of international politics and affairs and was host to numerous, unforgettable parties and charity balls.
  • UNSA’s Journal Committee provides four issues of The Diplomat every year – the most internationally orientated student-journal in Maastricht.
  • UNSA’s Marketing and Communications Committee helps UNSA in successfully promote itself and all of its activities in and around Maastricht.



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