Head of Delegations: Julia Hufnagel

Attending MUN’s 2019-2020

Being the “United Nations Student Association”, Model United Nations (MUN) and therefore the Delegations committee is one of the defining pillars of our association. Students with an interest in international relations, politics and economics, and diplomacy have the chance to join the ranks of 20 students in the Permanent Delegation of the UNSA.  The Permanent Delegation serves as a platform for dedicated delegates to receive the training and opportunity to become the best delegates at conferences around the world. Students will have the honour of traveling to conferences around the world, representing the delegation and association, and most importantly, as ambassadors of the university.
Apart from this, passive members will enjoy the possibility to participate in regular mock simulations hosted by members of the Permanent Delegation. 

Due to the COVID-19 the organization of mock debates and workshops will differ from the previous years. It is possible that workshops are held online and group meetings will be smaller. It also remains to be seen whether we will be able to attend MUN conferences in person or whether we will have to switch to virtual conferences. Detailed information will only be published on short notice since regulations change rapidly. 

Model United Nations is an academic and competitive simulation of the United Nations (DISEC, Security Council, UNHCR), other International Organisations (WTO, World Bank, IMF) or Regional Organisations (European Union, African Union, Arab League). Participants (“Delegates” in MUN lingo), are assigned and represent countries, political figures, or characters within the committees. Delegates then engage in lively structured debate on a wide variety of contemporary or historical international political/economic/social issues, attempting to find solutions to these issues. In one committee delegates might be debating solutions to the Socio-economic implications of the extraction of natural resources in disputed territories, while another committee might be simulating the American Civil War with delegates backstabbing each other trying to achieve political supremacy. MUNs are what you make them to be, whether you choose to engage in hours of research, writing the best possible speeches, striving towards winning awards, or trying to have the most fun possible.
By participating in these conferences one is given the chance to further develop their research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, writing, negotiation, or cooperation skills. However, the experience, the people you meet along the way, and the memories of the conferences are also among the highlights of these conferences.

Permanent Delegation Members
External Delegates

The Delegations Committee provides you with 2 ways to attend Model United Nations Conferences throughout the year:
1) The Permanent Delegation
2) External Delegation

Applying to be a member of the Permanent Delegations 2019/2020
We will be selecting a team of 18-20 highly motivated students to become a member of this year’s Permanent Delegation also known as the PD.  The Permanent Delegation will consist of a dynamic group of students of any age, interest and faculty. Becoming a part of the PD entails intensive training with regards to Model United Nations, diplomacy, public speaking, conflict resolution, negations, lobbying and resolution writing. Throughout the year members will also receive the opportunity to attend to simulations sessions, guest lectures, specialised workshops and debating competitions. This is a highly academic committee, which requires dedication and commitment throughout the year. The Permanent Delegation is renowned throughout Europe as one of the best and most competitive delegations, and we expect nothing less from our delegates. This requires delegates to be dedicated and committed to the committee during the duration of the year. It is mandatory for members of the Permanent Delegation to attended 4 conferences within the academic year, participate in a workshop weekend in Brussels and take part in a debating competition. 3 of these conferences (SGMUN, DiMUN, EuroMUN) are mandatory, while the remaining one can be chosen from a list of partner conferences.
The selection process will take place during the beginning of the academic year, interested students will be asked to send their CV and a letter of motivation, students who reach the second round of application process will then be asked to come in for an interview.  It is not necessary to have previous MUN experience in order to join the PD, however, it is an advantage to be familiar with the concept.


How to apply:


  1. Applications are now open and will remain open until 27th of September
  2. Write: CV and a motivation letter
  3. Fill out this form
  4. Interview dates will be announced
  5. Announcement of active members will come the following week after interviews take place

Attending a Conference as an External Delegate

Students will have the opportunity to attend any Model United Nations Conferences that UNSA Maastricht is sending a delegation to. Since these delegates are not part of the Permanent Delegation, they will automatically belong to what we call the “External Delegation”. Students will have to request an application form by emailing Delegates will then be offered to participate in two workshops, specialized in rules of procedure, public speaking, research and resolution writing, as well as one mock simulation.

Last year’s Model United Nation conference list:

IsarMUN (Munich) 21/11 – 24/11/19
SGMUN (St. Gallen)14/11 – 17/11/19
HamMUN (Hamburg)01/12 – 3/12/19
PragueMUN (Prague)02/02 – 06/02/20
YorkMUN (York)05/02 – 07/02/20
 EuroMUN 2020 (Maastricht)2020 edition was cancelled due to COVID-19
MUIMUN 2020 (Münster)UNSA has applied but the conference got cancelled due to COVID-19
MUNOTH 2020 (Brussels)UNSA has applied but the conference got cancelled due to COVID-19
C’MUN (Barcelona)2020 edition has been postponed to an undetermined date
TLVMUN (Israel)2020 edition has been postponed to an undetermined date

In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the delegations committee directly at