Heads of Delegations: Koen Kramer, Anne Boje, Olivia Mokko




The Permanent Delegation offers dedicated delegates the opportunity to receive intensive weekly training to develop research, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, writing, negotiation,  and cooperation skills to become successful delegates at Model United Nations conferences across Europe. The training involves a variety of workshops and debates. Delegates will have the honour of traveling to conferences representing the delegation and association as well as the university. Besides the weekly meetings there are also many socials as the PD is a team that trains and travels together so there is plenty of opportunity to bond with like-minded people. Apart from this, passive members will enjoy the possibility to participate in mock debates and become a part of the External Delegation attending MUN conferences as an irregular team.

What is MUN?

 Model United Nations is an academic and competitive simulation of the United Nations (and related organisations). Delegates  represent States, or political figures and take their standpoint to engage in debates on a variety of political or even economic or historical topics. MUNs are really all about the experience, the people you meet along the way, and the memories of the conferences!


The Permanent Delegation


The Permanent Delegation, or PD for short, is a team of highly motivated and dedicated students. The PD provides students the opportunity to participate in intensive training concerning the Model United Nations, where they will be able to expand and develop their skills in public speaking, diplomacy, debating, negotiation, lobbying, conflict resolution, resolution writing, and teamwork. Delegates will have special and highly rewarding opportunities to attend Model United Nations conferences, guest lectures, specialized debating workshops and debate competitions. Our team’s goal is for each member to have grown more comfortable and confident in their debating and public speaking skills, whilst learning how the real Model United Nations works. 

The PD is renowned throughout Europe as one of the most prestigious and most competitive delegations. Thus, we will be selecting a team of 20-25 highly motivated and hardworking students, who we expect to be committed to the delegation for the following year. It is mandatory for members to attend the weekly delegation meetings, 4 Model United Nations conferences within the academic year, a debating and public speaking workshop weekend in Brussels, and take part in a debate competition. 

How to Apply

  • Applications are open from the info evening until the 20th of September. If your application is promising we will invite you to an interview. Below you will find the instructions on how to apply to the delegations committee.  
  • Please send the following documents to the email address: 
  • A CV and a Motivational Letter (Maximum 2 pages)
  • Further, please fill out this form: here

The External Delegation


Every year UNSA Maastricht offers its members the possibility to join a MUN conference as part of the external delegation. Here you’ll get the unique opportunity to explore the world of MUN at one of the amazing conferences in Europe on offer.

Before the conference, you will also get the opportunity to join one of our workshops to get an introduction to the ins and outs of MUN.

To see an overview of the conferences you’ll be able to join this year please check the conference overview below, and apply through the linked google forms!

Conference List 2021/2022

ConferenceDatesSign-up formDeadline to apply
KULMUN8-12 March 2022Sign up26th January 2022
MEDMUN1-3 April 2022Sign up26th February 2022
LyonMUN19-22 May 2022TBA
PIMUN1-4 June 2022TBA

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In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact the delegations committee directly at