Head of Development: Isabel Dere

The Development Committee of the United Nations Student Association addresses the developmental and humanitarian aspects of the association. It seeks to promote the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by 193 governments around the globe in 2015. The sustainable development agenda includes 17 goals which are aimed at ending poverty, promoting peace and protecting the environment.

Our committee’s objective is to create opportunities for its members to deepen their knowledge on development work and allows them to get active in this field by creating partnerships with NGOs, preparing volunteers to go abroad or becoming a volunteer in one of our partner NGOs themselves. UNSA has created collaborations with NGOs located all around the globe, all addressing a variety of developmental topics. The Volunteering Network Team, one of the sub-committees of the Development Committee, ensures that our volunteers are well-prepared for an intercultural, service-oriented summer. So far, UNSA has had the pleasure to send more than 150 volunteers to our partner NGOs.

The Development Committee aims at further increasing the number of partnerships with NGOs to allow more students to volunteer abroad. We want our network to represent the diversity of development work by establishing and maintaining relationships with NGOs located in different countries and operating in different fields, including but not limited to: education, health, and sustainable development. At the same time, we want to expand collaborations with local associations in Maastricht to provide students with the opportunity to engage in local volunteering.

Partner NGOs

The Development Committee is divided into two sub-committees which focus on different tasks, and utilize different talents. Each team, consisting of 10-15 members, is led by a Co-Head.

The Volunteering Network Team is responsible for maintaining existing partnerships with NGOs worldwide as well as extending UNSA’s network by creating new volunteering opportunities. The members of this team act as connectors between our volunteers and partners and are responsible for providing necessary information and organizing workshops in order to prepare future volunteers for the work at their respective NGO.

The Fundraising & Local Volunteering Team creates opportunities to get engaged in the community of Maastricht and establishes collaborations with local associations. Next to this, it focuses on organizing different fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise money for our partner NGOs.

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