Head of Development: Hannah Holste

What do we do?

The Development Committee of the United Nations Student Association addresses the developmental and humanitarian aspects of the association. It seeks to promote the Sustainable Development Goals that were adopted by 193 governments around the globe in 2015. The sustainable development agenda includes 17 goals which are aimed at ending poverty, promoting peace and protecting the environment. The work of the Development Committee focuses on three main parts that are all closely linked to each other.

Partner NGOs

Raising awareness about global humanitarian issues by the organisation of diverse campaigns. Our committee’s objective is to create opportunities for its members to deepen their knowledge on development work and crucial humanitarian topics. We believe that awareness is the first step to make a change and become involved!

Fundraising projects to raise donations for our partner NGOs. The members organise different online and offline fundraising events throughout the year in order to raise money and awareness for our partner NGOs internationally and in Maastricht.

Volunteering to get engaged in the local community of Maastricht and to create partnerships with international NGOs, prepare volunteers to go abroad or become a volunteer in one of our partner NGOs themselves.

Co-head/s of the Committee: Emma Senes, Anna Cortés Ros

Estimated workload per week: Weekly meetings + side work (around 5h/week)


How to apply?


  • Send a CV & Motivation Letter to 
  • Deadline: 20th September; interviews: 27th September-3rd October


More questions? Don’t hesitate to send an email to Hannah at