We offer members of UNSA the opportunity to volunteer – either throughout the year in Maastricht or abroad during the summer. UNSA attempts to enact change both on a global scale, but also on a local scale.

Local Volunteering

We want to encourage students to become engaged in volunteer work as we believe in its importance for making a difference in local communities and its value for the volunteer’s personal development. As inhabitants of the city, we believe students should take measures to relieving local issues. Therefore, UNSA aims at expanding collaborations with organizations in Maastricht to enable students to give back to the city’s community through local volunteering. Along with taking concrete action, we fundraise throughout the year to support our partner NGOs in developing countries.

Global Volunteering

Additionally, we strive to promote volunteering on a global scale. We send motivated students abroad to conduct volunteer work during their summer break, taking on an active role with our partner NGOs. This allows them to apply their personal skills and knowledge, while at the same time enables them to gain experience about development aid.


For more information, click here to see UNSA Maastricht’s ‘Volunteers Workshop – Cultural Understanding’ from 2015.


1) Who are our partner NGOs?
We partner with a number of NGOs in a variety of countries. A brief description of NGOs and projects which UNSA is involved with, can be found here.

2) How to become a volunteer?
For more information on the application process, check out the portfolio which can be found here.

Please contact us for more information about the specific country/project that you are interested in.

Contact us at: development@myunsa.org