EuroMUN Secretary General & Conference Manager: Maria Elena Tsitsiloni

Deputy Secretary General: Oliva Lindell

Under Secretary General of Academics & Committees: Darius Kölsch

Under Secretary General of Finance and Fundraising: Camillo Schmidt

Under Secretary General of Marketing and Communications: Dominique Lopez

Under Secretary General of Socials: Lea Röller

Under Secretary General of Logistics and Registrations: Julia Stölben

If you consider yourself a seasoned and conference-hardened MUNer, then you might have heard about our annual conference EuroMUN. Should you be new to the marvelous world of Model UN, here is a description in a nutshell:

An MUN is a conference in which students typically role-play delegates to the United Nations or other regional as well as trans-regional institutions and simulate their work. They are given a country’s viewpoint, and need to defend it during debate, following their respective institutions rules of procedure.

EuroMUN is a simulation of UN and EU institutions with a focus on Global and European topics. At EuroMUN we strive to provide our delegates in a truly European experience not only academically, but also by organizing social events in a way so that our guests can immerse themselves in the cozy, historical environment that Maastricht provides.

EuroMUN has existed for the past 15 years and has drawn delegates from over 60 countries, making it one of the most longstanding and international MUN conferences in Europe.

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic makes the organization of EuroMUN 2022 a challenging task. The whole organization will need to be very flexible and plan for both an online and offline conference, so that we can provide the best possible experience to our delegates if the situation has not improved by May 2022. Nonetheless, we wish to invite you to be part of this thrilling experience, be it as member of our secretariat-committees (Academics, Finance, Marketing, Socials, and Registrations & Logistics), chair at our conference, or as a delegate attending EuroMUN 2022!

Stay tuned for more on our website and on our Facebook page on which we regularly post the latest updates.

How to apply?

  1. Applications are now open and will remain open until 27th of September
  2. Application form here
  3. Interview dates will be announced
  4. Announcement of active members will come the following week after interviews take place