Head of Events: Hannah Wagner

The Events Committee is responsible for planning and managing the academic and social events which convey UNSA’s core values and ideas to bring the UN spirit to Maastricht. According to these values, we organize academic seminars, lectures, social gatherings as well as trips to various international organizations in European cities throughout the year. Above all, the committee orchestrates annually the Career Beyond Borders (CBB) event which offers the opportunity for you to meet experts in field of international affair and politics. With every upcoming year, the committee makes sure that it offers a harmonious equilibrium existing between its academic and social activities. Make sure to follow us on our UNSA Maastricht Facebook page to stay updated on our latest events!

The atmosphere of the Events committee is a perfect match to the qualifications of outgoing, organised and motivated individuals who want to get into event planning. Being passionate about creating a rich student culture is a big plus, too! Do you think you have what it takes to put together a successful event? Are you not only creative, but also innovative? Get involved and bring a creative and fresh approach to the committee – we’re waiting to hear from you!

In 2020, the Corona crisis inevitable will be the biggest challenge for the Events Committee. In spite of strict contact regulations, we would like to assure you that UNSA will continue to organise events through introducing UNSA to the world of online events.

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