External Affairs

                                                     Dear members of UNSA Maastricht,

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As the treasurer of UNSA, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the External Affairs

committee. Our team consists of four people in total. The main task includes the

acquisition of new partners and sponsors which has already started last year. The

committee is also responsible for fostering a healthy relationship with our partners as

well as other external financial parties. If you’d like to have some more

information about our committee, feel free to contact treasurer@myunsa.org.

Kind Regards,
Daniel Schemmert,

                                                        Head of External Affairs

External Affairs Committee

The External Affairs Committee has been recently created in order to assist UNSA in acquiring new partners and sponsors, as well as to continuously foster the relationships to UNSA’s partner and other financial parties.
The External Affairs Committee is for those interested in learning about the importance of business relations, maintaining the financial standards of UNSA, and for those who are innovative in their thinking of the maintenance of these relations as well as how to form new relations.