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Welcome to the association of active UN-minded students located at the epicentre of the European Union. The United Nations was founded at the wake of the downfall of Europe’s humanism and the European Union has evolved correlatively to it. Most nations on the planet, world war winners as well as states with ravaged lands, from newly liberated nations to slowly repenting colonisers, coined together an international agora legalising dialogue among nation-states and criminalising crimes of hatred against a community. This acropolis of nations issued a Universal Declaration of Human Rights notably acknowledging that humans around the world endure inequalities of birth – thus opening the way for a sense of social justice at the global scale. Maastricht constitutes a privileged standpoint to endorse the UN’s values of peace and mutual understanding and to further global consciousness. With the European Union experience raising expectations at the forefront, above twenty thousands young adults from diverse backgrounds and origins are reunited in this former gateway between the Roman Empire and Germanic territories to study with a global perspective. This predisposes us to global citizenship. The name of the international organisation of the UN is said to have been decided during a restroom talk between Churchill and Roosevelt. May the same hotheadedness of youth fuel our engagement for promoting world peace.
Different Nationalities



UNSA is an academic and non-profit organisation situated in the heart of Maastricht’s student life. Our members are diverse both in their country of origin as well as in their studies, which makes us one of the most international and inter-facular associations of Maastricht. With the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as a guide, we are working towards bringing the UN spirit to all students of UM by organising free workshops, panel debates and lectures, as well as career fairs such as our Career Beyond Borders week. We also organise one of the biggest Model United Nations conferences, EuroMUN, with over 500 participants, and send out delegations to other MUN’s all over the world. Are you more of a writer and less of a debater? Join our journal committee, which has a lively blog about all sorts of contemporary topics as well as a printed edition three times a year. If you are more interested in development aid, we provide you with a platform to help out with raising funds for our numerous partner NGO’s, but also to go abroad as a volunteer yourself. Check out for more information on this website and we hope that it will make you want to join us! [/one_whole]

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

Anna-Lisa Gehrau President of the United Nations Student Association