United Nations Student Association Maastricht (UNSA) was founded in 2006 by Maastricht University student Petrovic Darko and UNSA has been contributing to Maastricht student life for the past 13 years. It has become a prominent international student association using the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation as a steady guide on how to push forward together for a better future and positive impact.

The Association consists of about 150-200 students on a yearly basis and the members come from all faculties and diverse study paths present
in Maastricht. Since students flock to Maastricht for its international nature and to establish a connection with Dutch students, the Association encourages the exchange between local and international students. We give students an opportunity to network for their future and make life long connections with people who all strive for a positive future and believe in their capacity for contribution to improvement. From this year onwards we also have a new logo.

The UNSA provides opportunities for students to engage in a dialogue with individuals from diverse backgrounds on whichever topic they themselves put on the table. It is the belief of UNSA that discussion is the foundation for development and therefore, the Association, through its actions, aims to encourage it wherever possible. This can be observed in the individual operational committees which allow students to develop specific skills while being integrated into a
supportive and welcoming community. The heart of UNSA can be found in its seven operational committees, which can be explored in detail on this page. One thing which these committees have in common is that, while they collectively cover an incredibly wide range of subjects, they all provide practical experience beyond the classroom. The United Nations Student Association spans an area of activity which while incredibly broad has the same goal at heart: to provide practical experience for students, to encourage the involvement of local citizens in matters of international importance and to support the goals which unite the European Union and the United Nations. Come and join us as a member to take advantage of everything UNSA has to offer.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Martyna Bobala
President of the United Nations Student Association Maastricht