Dear students, honorable UNSA members, distinguished delegates, 

As Head of Delegations, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the Permanent Delegation or the Delegation committee, the founding committee of UNSA Maastricht. This committee is dedicated to ensuring that students with an interest in international relations, politics and the world of diplomacy are provided the opportunity to be successful delegates at Model United Nations conferences across Europe and beyond. Through this committee students will have the honour to travel and attend conferences on behalf of the association, university and delegation.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN is an academic and competitive simulation of the United Nations and Regional Organisations such as the Arab League and the European Union. Participants are referred to as ‘Delegates’, are allocated an assigned country or political figure within a committee. Together with other delegates they engage in a lively debate and search for solutions to complex conundrums of contemporary international politics.  By participating in a MUN, delegates will have the opportunity improve on various skills including research techniques, public speaking, debating, critical thinking, writing, compromise and cooperation. Once you’ve attended one MUN I can assure you’ll be hooked.

Would you like to challenge yourself and attend Model United Nations conference this year?

UNSA Maastricht provides you with two options! You can apply as a member of the Permanent Delegation 2016/2017 or simply attend a Model United Nations conference with UNSA!

1) Apply to become a member of the Permanent Delegation 2016/2017

We will be selecting a team of 18-20 highly motivated students to become a member of this years Permanent Delegation also known as the PD.  The Permanent Delegation will consist of a dynamic group of students of any age, interest and faculty. By becoming a member of the Permanent Delegations they will receive intensive training with regards to Model United Nations, diplomacy, public speaking, conflict resolution, negations, lobbying and resolution writing. Throughout the year members will also receive the opportunity to attend to simulations sessions, guest lectures, specialised workshops and debating competitions. This is a highly academic committee, which requires dedication and commitment throughout the year. It is mandatory for members of the Permanent Delegation to attended 3-4 conferences within the academic year, participate in a workshop weekend in Brussels and take part in a debating competition.

The selection process will take place during the beginning of the academic year, interested students will be asked to send their CV and a letter of motivation, students who reach the second round of application process will then be asked to come in for an interview.  It is not necessary to have previous MUN experience in order to join the PD, however, it is an advantage to be familiar with the concept.


How to apply:

  1. Download the application form
  2. Write: CV and a motivation letter
  3. Send it to:
  4. Interviews dates will be announced
  5. Announcement of active members will come the following week after interviews take place


2) Attend a Model United Nations conference with UNSA!

Students will have the opportunity to attend any Model United Nations Conferences that UNSA Maastricht is sending a delegation to.  Students will have to request an application form by emailing After being selected, delegates will be provided with two specialised workshop, this will consist of a mock simulation and a training workshop on the rules of procedure, public speaking, research and resolution writing.  This option is especially beneficial for busy students with less time on their hands.


This year’s Model United Nation conference list:

Conference: Date:
TLVMUN (Tel-Aviv) 20/08 -24/08/2017
OXIMUN (Oxford)  03/11- 05/11/2017
SGMUN (St. Gallen)  09/11- 12/11/2017
SMUN (Stockholm)   09/11- 12/11/2017
HamMUN (Hamburg)  30/11- 03/12/2017
LiMUN (London)  24/02- 26/02/2017
ScotMUN (Edinburgh)  02/03- 04/03/2017
EuroMUN (Maastricht)  10/05- 13/05/2017


In case you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me directly at


Yours sincerely,

Helena Depaepe
Head of Delegations

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