The United Nations Student Association’s Development Committee was founded in order to address the humanitarian aspects of our association.  It has actively promoted the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals over the last years and now supports the 2030 sustainable development agenda which was unanimously adopted by 193 governments around the globe in 2015. The agenda consists of 17 sustainable development goals, with the main goal to end poverty everywhere in the world.

Our committee offers its members the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on development work, whether it is by creating partnerships with NGOs, constructing a volunteer preparation track or being one of the volunteers collaborating with these NGOs during the summer. UNSA’s partner NGOs are spread around the globe in countries such as Israel, Peru, Madagascar, Nepal and India, as well as countries in Europe such as France and Italy. Our team ensures that our volunteers are well-prepared for an intercultural summer so they can make the most out of this experience. So far, UNSA had the pleasure to send more than 150 volunteers to our partner NGOs around the globe.

This year, the Development Committee is aiming to expand its local partnerships giving our students the opportunity to volunteer in Maastricht and to get more actively involved in the community they live in.

I hope you will join us for a great year! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at

Best Regards,
Alexia Philippart de Foy,
Head of Development 


Development Committee

In order for the Development Committee to achieve its goals, the committee is divided in two sub-teams, namely the Volunteering Network Team and the Fundraising Team. Each team is responsible for different tasks and requires different skills.

The Volunteering Network Team keeps close contact with UNSA’s partner NGO’s and seeks to extend our current networks, both locally and worldwide. This team is formed by contact persons for each NGO, which not only act as the bridge between our volunteers and our partners but are also in charge of organizing the preparation track for our volunteers. The preparation track aims to provide the volunteers with useful information and workshops to prepare them for their work in their respective NGO.

The Fundraising Team aims to support our NGOs financially by organizing different activities throughout the year. The biggest event for the Development Committee is our yearly Charity Ball, where all the funds collected are donated to our partner NGOs.

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