Dear members of UNSA Maastricht,

My name is Sabina Sancu, and I’m a bachelor student in European Studies. I joined UNSA Maastricht last year because I wanted to be part of an international student organisation to which I could actually make some valuable contributions. Organising successful events is important in order to set a name for an organisation. The events committee does this by bringing together people from different backgrounds and nationalities, all with new ideas and perspectives. I’m thankful for being given the opportunity to lead this committee this upcoming academic year and guide other motivated, creative, and internationally minded students in the process, while having fun organising events together.

UNSA Maastricht offers a wide range of events, ranging from academic lectures and workshops, to member get-togethers and walking dinners. This upcoming year we will try to maintain a good amount of academic events, because they really represent what UNSA is all about. Next to that, I would like to focus more on improving the social aspect of UNSA, which I believe can still be improved in order to get the name out there.

Do you want to play an active role in this team of motivated students, and have a great time with UNSA Maastricht? You can get a lot out of being an active member of UNSA, on a social, as well as an academic level. Apart from the fun part, the parties and other social activities, I am convinced it can open up doors for your future. It improves your leadership skills, and broadens your perspective on current topics.

If you are interested in joining, or have any further questions, feel free to contact me at

Kind regards,
Sabina Sancu
Head of Events


 Events Committee

The Events Committee not only shapes Maastricht’s nightlife with unforgettable parties, such as the Masquerade Ball or the annual UNSA birthday party, but also creates social gatherings for all UNSA members. Whether arranging weekly drinks, workshops, information evenings, excursions to the various European institutions or lectures, Events always stands for a lot of fun.

Furthermore, the Events Committee is responsible for all social events taking place during the EuroMUN. In bringing together international students at the pre-programs, drinks on the town with your committee, or the lavish annual Delegates ball, fostering an international platform that is sure to keep you coming back for more.

The Events Committee is a playground for people with new and exciting ideas and has brought about many changes to UNSA throughout the years. If you want to shape Maastricht’s nightlife actively and throw in your own ideas, join the Events Committee and start to party.

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